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Spring clean your lungs!

With these horrible Northern California fires, we need to protect your lungs.  Here’s some foods that can help re-balance and support these billowy organs, admit all this smoke. Top Foods for lung health… Foods With Vitamin C Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C help your lungs effectively transport oxygen throughout the body. Foods […]

Cumin Spiced Chickpeas and Brown Rice, Amanda Self of Tao to Wellness

Cumin spiced Chickpeas and Brown Rice I made this for a pot luck last night and there wasn’t a single grain of rice left! I love cooking with Cumin seeds. They are an excellent source of iron, manganese and a good source of magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1. To top it off, they are delicious […]

A garden with squash, representing acupuncture and Chinese medicine's view on fertility

Feeling inflamed? Eat like this!

Inflammation does not discriminate!  We all fall victim to it at one point or another.  Low back pain, neck pain, joint swelling, even stomach issues like anything that ends in an -itis is otherwise known as inflammation. Try this way of eating to reset your body and bring down the inflammation in your system. Steamed […]

What you shouldn’t eat if you have FIBROMYALGIA!

What you shouldn’t eat if you have FIBROMYALGIA! Fibromyalgia can be intense… so much so that a person cannot get out of bed, much less exercise.  Often times, they may gain weight complicating their digestive system, in turn their muscles don’t get fed enough because of their weak digestion and finally, they become depressed.  Suffering […]

Protect your lungs during these tragic fires!

As we continue to face the days ahead with smoke-filled air, here are some tips for keeping your lungs as safe as possible. First and foremost: stay indoors as much as possible. Keep windows closed and ideally have an air filter running, especially if you live in a drafty home. If you don’t have an […]

Nurturing your body the Chinese way during the Fall season

Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that fall or autumn correlates with the Metal Element, which are the organ systems of the Lung and Large Intestine. So, the best way to nurture our bodies come fall is to support our Lungs and Large Intestine organs.  The lungs facilitate respiration, body fluid metabolism, blood circulation, and immunity. The […]

I give you… The Avocado!

5 Great Reasons to Eat Avocados They are yummy, satisfying and so, so good for you! Avocados are:  1)      High in Potassium- Avocados actually have more potassium than bananas, a food we often think of initially when we want to increase out potassium intake. Potassium functions to build muscles, synthesize proteins, control electrical activity of  the […]