Herbal MedicineChinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture truly go hand in hand.  They balance each other and treat the body from two sides of the spectrum. Although, it is common to only receive Acupuncture treatments or to only take Chinese Herbal Medicine, the combination of both is outstanding.

After an in depth consultation, a combination of Chinese Herbs will be chosen to create a formula. Each formula can consist of anywhere from 5 to 15 different herbs that work together synergistically. We almost always combine herbs, instead of using only one or two individual herbs. It is the difference between listening to one French Horn or listening to a whole symphony! Each herb has several indications, by using combinations, we can guide the formula to different organ systems and to focus on different symptoms. Herbs are chosen carefully and formulas are administered to each client according to symptom and the individual’s body constitution.


Herbal MedicineThere are many positive aspects and benefits of taking Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Firstly, there are many different herbs to choose from. The traditional Materia Medica lists approximately 750 Chinese herbs. These herbs have been used for thousands of years. Recently, in the American market, there have been positive and sometimes negative press on Chinese Herbs. If there is a concern at all of a specific herb, there is no need to use that one, there are so many herbs available that another can be found that can create the same effect.
  • Another positive aspect in Chinese Herbalism, is that it is very difficult to build up immunity to them, where in Western Medicine increasing your dosage of a medication is commonplace, it is not common in Chinese Medicine. As you change, your formula changes, by modifying (taking an herb out or adding another) your formula’s compound changes, so your body doesn’t continuously recognize the same substance and start building immunity to it.
  • And although Traditional Western medication works very quickly it can usually only mask a symptom, Chinese Herbal Medicine treats the source of the problem and most times can cure it.
  • And, lastly, Chinese Herbs does not have to be administered for years or for life. Just long enough for the body to make the shift that is necessary to alleviate symptoms.

Please keep in mind, each formula is tailored made for each individual, so sharing of your Chinese Herbal formula is not recommended. And remember, self medicating with Chinese Herbs can cause undesirable effects, always work with a trained herbalist.