Deanna embodies the healing journey…


Deanna is a passionate practitioner with a caring and gentle approach to needling when needed. She is highly attuned to the mind-body-spirit approach through her extensive training and continues to evolve her practice with continued training in pain management techniques and eastern philosophy. She embodies the healing journey and dedicates herself to helping others with theirs on both the physical and spiritual level.


She clearly loves what she does!


I've been seeing Deanna Tasi for stress reduction, seasonal "tune-ups", and allergy relief.  She is kind, knowledgeable, and has great needle technique.  She clearly loves what she does, which allows her practice to transcend technical medicine and creates opportunity for human connection and healing rapport. I always leave feeling more relaxed and sane than when I went in.  I can't recommend her more highly.


Highly recommended! Deanna Tasi is awesome!


Deanna Tasi is awesome.  She is both knowledgeable and adept at distilling the information she has, making it easier to take responsibility for your own health.  She is a good listener, sensitive to my concerns, and very approachable.  She enters each session with a fresh perspective, encouragement, efficiency and consistency--all of which I really appreciate.  Highly recommend!


“Nikole intuitively knew what I needed…”


"Her healing touch, intuitive connection and gentleness makes her a Super Healer. I received acupuncture treatments from Nikole before, during and after my pregnancy. Before pregnancy she was able to help 'set the stage'  -for having miscarriages before, I was a little uneasy and wanted to do all that I could to help my body, mind and spirit 'hold on' to the pregnancy. I did! (Now Isaac is 3)  During the not-so-easy- pregnancy I would see Nicole weekly to stave off morning sickness and sluggishness (I felt immediate and drastic improvements in these areas). After delivery we tackled hormonal balance and depression, and healing.  What I loved about getting treated by Nikole is that intuitively she knew what I needed, and often times I didn't even have to tell her what was going on and things would be working better after treatments. Her advice and wisdom on supplementation, essential oils, nutrition and other practices of wellness gave me things to focus on between treatments. She is truly a gifted professional and would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture."


“Amazing. Life changing. Mind blowing.”


"This is a time when Yelp really needs to make available a 6th star shooting away from the end.  Tao To Wellness deserves it.

In a nutshell, Christina's amazing work played the primary role in giving my mother back a more active life.  My mother had 3 separate back surgeries several years ago.  Before that and since then, she's been in constant intense pain that had caused her to essentially be bedridden.  She was taking at least 5 Norco daily (10mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen)  She went from a very active life to someone who had difficulty walking, sitting, standing.  She could only walk for a few minutes at a time and was hunched over unable to stand up straight.  She would get frequent muscle spasms in her legs that would cripple her with pain.  She had sleeping difficulties and took Ambien every night.  All of this caused her severe depression and she became a shell of the woman she once was.

She lives in Texas and had no access to acupuncture.  Her doctors had basically given up helping her and diagnosed her with fibromyalgia.  Keep stuffing pain pills down your throat and wait to die.  That's where they left her.  I got her out here to live with me so that she could try acupuncture and see new doctors.  I booked her an appointment at TTW for 2 days after her arrival.  She began to notice measurable relief in a short time.  A few weeks later, she was going out with me to run errands and do some Christmas shopping.  She hadn't been able to go out like this in years.  Her mood picked up and she began feeling happier about life again.  A few months later, we went to the Alameda Antique Fair and spent over 5 (FIVE!!!) hours walking around.  This is a MASSIVE improvement!  She couldn't walk for 5 minutes just 4 months earlier and here she was walking for 5 hours!

Amazing.  Life changing.  Mind blowing.  Christina's work literally gave my mother back her life.  She has moved back to Texas to be with family but will be coming back to CA (hopefully) next Spring or early Summer and will continue her treatments."


“I LOVE Tao to Wellness!”


"Nikole and Deanna are absolutely brilliant, always getting down to the root of what is really going on.  I always feel so heard, held and cared for during my sessions there. They never cease to amaze me with their wisdom, professional skill, and heart felt compassion for whatever it is I may be going through. The office is beautiful, atmosphere is lovely and the location is super convenient. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. You won't regret it!"


“They feel like true partners in care.”


"My experience with Christina and Megan at Tao to Wellness has been profoundly impactful.  I never imagined what a central role they would play in my physical and emotional well being.  They are highly knowledgeable, extremely competent, and so professional.  At the same time, they manage to be warm, playful, and personalized in a way that is so important to really meeting health needs.  They feel like true partners in care. I have seen them for a variety of issues over the years, and always with such gratitude for what they do and how they do it.  I can't rave about them enough!"


“She has been the most effective and uses the fewest needles.”


"I adore Christina.  She is an amazing acupuncturist.  I always feel better after my visits with her.  She's gentle, kind, listens, is thoughtful and remembers.  She truly cares about her patients.  She has been excellent helping me manage my pain and work through different ailments, serious and minor.  I have gone to many acupuncturists and she has been the most effective and uses the fewest needles of all that I have been to.  I am forever grateful for her help.  Also, she makes the billing so easy for me which I appreciate."


“After the first visit, my pain was cut in half!”


"I went to three acupuncture sessions with Nikole over a period of one month after experiencing pain from tendinitis in my elbow and forearm. After the first visit, my pain was cut in half. The second visit had a similar result. And since the third, a full year ago, I have not had to wear a brace when lifting weights or golfing, and I do not have any pain at all."


“Ten Million Stars!! GREATEST EVER!!!”


"I've put off reviewing Tao to Wellness for ages and ages, because I'm not even sure how to say how great they are. Let's go with:


I can't explain how great Megan and Christina are. Over the years, they've helped me and my husband manage a variety of chronic conditions, from an autoimmune disorder to arthritis, and they work crazy miracles while also being delightful, friendly people that put you at ease and make you feel at home while they fix you right up. I was skeptical about acupuncture before working with them, having had a few bad experiences in the past, but they are wonderfully effective and knowledgable. Their styles are slightly different, but they consult with each other regularly, so you can work with one or both of them--whatever you want!

Megan and Christina are so good that acupuncture's in danger of becoming that thing I recommend to everybody for everything. You know how your friend's grandma swore by Vap-O-Rub? Or how the dad in that movie was all about Windex? It's like that. "Oh, sweetie, you feel like you're coming down with a cold? Should I sign you up for acupuncture?" "You've been trying to get pregnant for a while, and are getting frustrated? Maybe you should give my acupuncturist a try; they were great for me!" "Ugh, I'm feeling run down and tired; let me go in for acupuncture." The thing is, it always helps, for real.

I mostly see Megan nowadays, and she's such a warm, kind, funny, welcoming person that going to see her makes getting poked with needles a total pleasure. (That is a *skill* there, friends.) Go see these ladies. TEN MILLION STARS!"


“Nikole is the best of the best!”


"I have received acupuncture (and cupping) from Nikole numerous times and consider her to be the best of the best.  Not only is she very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and it's benefits, but her calm demeanor, nurturing tableside manner and genuine friendliness sets her above the rest.  I highly recommend acupuncture from Nikole - even if you are doubtful, give it one treatment and I guarantee you will back for more. The feeling after a treatment is like nothing to be described. Ooohhh I think I will call to see if they have any openings right now...."


“I truly don’t think it would have been possible…”


"I met Christina at a time of desperation. My husband and I had no trouble conceiving our first child, but trying for a second was turning out to be extremely difficult. After several miscarriages and visits to the fertility clinic I decided to try one last thing, acupuncture. I looked online and found Christina's practice. Then I contacted her with some initial questions and could easily see that she had the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. I'm not fond of needles nor am I very aware of my body, but after several appointments and documenting my cycles, I could see changes beginning to happen. We managed to get pregnant again and this time Christina suggested looking into a blood condition that could be attributing to the problems we were having with previous pregnancies. She gave me the confidence to ask the right questions and to get my OB onboard with her suggested treatments. That pregnancy was successful and we feel very fortunate to have just celebrated our son's 4th birthday. I truly don't think it would have been possible without Christina's help. It was a blessing to have found her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for gifted acupuncturist."


“Christina has been a miracle worker. She knows her craft and does it well.”


"I don't know why I haven't written any reviews for Christina yet!  She is WONDERFUL.  I have certainly sent her info to everyone I know who has ever expressed to me the slightest bit of chronic or lingering pain!  Gotta share her fabulousness with Yelp!!!

Christina's compassion, intuition, and healing energy are incomparable.  Add to that the fact that she is genuinely warm and has a great sense of humor?!  Instant LOVE!!!  The journeys I have been through at her practice over the last couple years have been amazing.  From addressing chronic problems (stress, stress-related digestion issues, tension, etc.) to sheer "wait, that was hurting so much when I walked in -- where'd the pain go?!?" MAGIC, Christina has been a miracle-worker.  She knows her craft and does it well.

I remember two distinct "wow!" moments with her:  (1) My foot was hurting for about a week.  It felt like "something was out of alignment" and that it was a structural problem.  I had my regular session with Christina, and at the end of recapping my overall well-being, I tacked on "oh and by the way, my foot hurts here, but I don't think acupuncture can fix that."  It took me about three hours after I got home that night to realize "omg, wait, my foot IS. NOT. HURTING."  Magic, I tell you.  (2) I had a pretty severe ankle sprain about seven weeks ago.  I totally forgot about acupuncture and neglected to go see her until last week.  I had been seeing regular Western doctors and was receiving physical therapy, but that ONE session was brilliant.  I had increased mobility, less pain, better flexibility -- all stuff that the physical therapist noted as having dramatic improvement.  We're so bad at taking care of ourselves!  How many people have I referred to Christina over those last seven weeks, but I myself neglected to go in?!  Man!!  Amazing.

Anyway.  The office is clean and comfortable.  You get your own room, blanket, heating pad, eye pillow, headphones with soothing rain sounds, all the amenities.  This is no acupuncture mill where you lay on a bed in a room with other patients.  It is definitely chichi and worth it all.  Parking is easy, and free.

All in all, best. acupuncture. ever.  THANK YOU, Tao to Wellness!!!!"


“Tao to Wellness is truly a jewel…”


"Tao to Wellness is truly a jewel for those who are seeking true inner health and guidance. Not only is this place peaceful, and VERY clean, but Christina is a brilliant, highly qualified, and magical being who will help you with your particular needs. I have been a faithful patient for years, and I cannot imagine my life without Tao to Wellness. I visit Christina every time I feel about to get a cold and even I'm down, stressed or anxious. She has changed my life with acupuncture treatments and cupping! Thank you Christina!!"


“My oasis for years!”


"Tao to Wellness is the place I go when I need an overall tune up or help with a specific issue.  This beautiful place has been my oasis for over years.  Christina is the heart and soul of the place and when she greets you with her warm, calm presence, you just know you are in good hands. She has a deep intuition about health as well as heavy duty credentials and understanding about the body.  She's an acupuncturist, yes, but fluent in multiple modalities. I consider Christina to be a healer of the highest order.  Her treatments have pulled me out of a variety of ailments and kept me in tip top shape. For one thing,  I swear I have stopped getting colds since I've started seeing her.  At the slightest hint of a tickle in the throat, off I go to Tao to Wellness...and what would normally have developed into a nasty cold and respiratory infection disappears and I feel fine. I could go on and on....but whether you need to get pregnant (not my issue!) or dealing with hormonal swings, headaches, back aches, insomnia, etc...this is the place.    Her partner Megan is also a very talented and a calming presence who takes the time to make sure she understands what you need."


“I finally sleep through the night…”


"After 10 years of insomnia, I finally sleep through the night with thanks to Dr. Christina. I now sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and full of energy. Adding acupuncture is the only part of my daily routine that has changed, and it's been wonderful! Dr. Christina has the kind of personality that brightens your outlook on life and leaves you smiling after each visit."


“I was able to discontinue my medication…”


"I’ve been on Hydroclorathiazide for 3 years with an ACE inhibitor for my high blood pressure, even on these medications it kept my blood pressure still marginally high, but under control. After receiving Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy at Tao to Wellness, I was able to discontinue my medication and my blood pressure is now normal. I thought I would have to take that medication for ever, but they cured the problem at the source. In addition, my vitality has improved."


“I suffered for more than 10 years, Christina is the only doctor to have cured me.”


"I came to see Dr. Christina Martin for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I suffered from it for more than 10 years and Dr. Christina is the only doctor to have cured me. I am a complete believer in her treatments and in addition to the cure for IBS, I have found that seeing her has made a huge difference in health problems for which I wasn’t seeking treatment, like depression and lack of energy, but which were impeding the quality of my health and my life. If you want to feel better see Dr. Christina today!"


“I was free of migraines right after the very first treatment.”


"Due to my high stress work environment, I started getting migraines every day for two weeks, after I saw Christina I was free of migraines right after the very first treatment, I now receive monthly maintenance treatments that not only prevents the migraines but de-stresses me."


“Such a positive and ongoing impact on my life”


"The few sessions I had at Tao to Wellness had such a positive and ongoing impact on my life. Most of all though, I thank them for the tools they gave me a couple summers ago. Ever since then I have been much more aware of my body and ways I can nourish it according to its needs. Not to say I'm the image of perfect health, but I definitely feel much more stable and capable of keeping myself decently well. Thanks again for being such a great, spirited, strong and inspirational person."


“I have been symptom free.”


"After giving birth to my second child I was faced for the first time of having PMS symptoms; irritability, headaches and mood swings. I thought i would just have to learn to deal each month with the symptoms untill a friend suggested that I try acupuncture. Being a believer in eastern practices I tried. After a few regular visits, followed by periodic maintenance visits, I have been symptom free."


“I recommend Christina wholeheartedly.”


"After relocating to San Francisco from the East Coast, I found myself feeling anxious more often than not and plagued by various stomach and digestive problems. When Western medicine failed me in these areas, I found myself looking for alternative therapies and I am so thankful that I found Christina. Her compassionate treatment and guidance have not only rid me completely of my stomach problems, but have helped me to be more relaxed, better able to manage my stress, and more centered in myself. I recommend Christina wholeheartedly."