Acupuncture for Hair Loss

acupuncture for hair lossWhen it comes to losing your hair, there is no discrimination. There are many folks who grieve the loss of their hair, trying many different pills, supplements, creams, gels, lotions and prayers. Great news! It can be as easy as improving your circulation. Enter Acupuncture, our timeless health companion, who once again has answers and solutions to our bodies shifting of energies.

Acupuncture greatly increases blood flow, together with stimulating certain nerves which may add benefits such as pain reduction and growth stimulation. Due to how it impacts blood circulation, Acupuncture looks like it’s a very effective way of treating baldness. While hair loss has several causes, it is primarily due to poor blood flow in the scalp. There is less circulation in the head area as compared to the the rest of the body. It is actually via the blood that oxygen and nutrients are carried to the various parts of the body. Since there is minimal blood flow in the scalp, it gets just a small amount of the nutrients you consume. The chief or sole reason for hair loss may be a condition that has an effect on your circulatory system. If the circulation in the scalp is further reduced, your body doesn’t have any more way to support the growth of new hair and even keep the current hair and follicles healthy.

That being said even if your hair loss isn’t because of a problem in the circulatory system, it is still smart to increase the circulation in the scalp. It is among the most effective means of slowing down or reversing hair loss. The scalp gets the nutrition it needs to promote healthy growth and stop the loss of hair. If you are taking supplements or following a special diet, acupuncture can boost the benefits with improved circulation, carrying more of those compounds and nutrients to your scalp.

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If you’ve been on the fence about getting Acupuncture, now is your time to move past that barrier. You have nothing to lose and your health & hair to gain!

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Amanda Self

Amanda Self  wears a variety of hats at Tao To Wellness. From Social Media to Medical Billing, she brings healing energy to all that she touches. Amanda is a Reiki Master, a jeweler and is currently studying Herbalism, both in the classroom and out in the fields.

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