Are you a Wood element personality type?

In Chinese medicine, there are five different elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Each element possesses certain properties which can coincide or align with a different personality type.  Of course, we just aren’t just one type, most of us posses two, one being a little more dominate then the other.  For example, you could be mostly a Wood element with Fire element tendancies.  I have seen some patients that posses three, but never four or all five elements, unless you had multiple personalities!  Let’s hope not, that’s just plain confusing.

So, are you a Wood element?  Read below and find out.  If you are, SPRING is your season!  This can be a great time for you to shake off the winter, start to implement new ideas and ‘spring’ forward…  quickly and effortlessly.


The wood element is an energy that is expanding quickly and can build up under pressure.

The Chinese believe that the qualities of the wood element are strength allied to flexibility. It also has the characteristics of idealism, co-operation, is generous in nature and warm.

Wood element personalities are all action explorers with a social consciousness.

Wood element personalities tend to be ambitious and are explorers. They feel most content when they are traveling in some way. Whether it is traipsing around the global or on an introspective journey of the inner self the Wood personality will be happiest. Wood element types can speedily assess most situations and spring into actions. At their peak they can rush from one task to the next hardly taking a breath. Onlookers often feel exhausted just watching them in action.

Wood element personality types can become extremely frustrated by a lack of action or banal tasks or challenges. This frustration and being idle can be quite toxic for wood types. They frequently eat while doing other things and they tend to use stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and even drugs to keep active or relax.

In full flow wood element personalities can be inspirational to those around them. They can motivate work mates and team mates with their all-action approach and good sense of humor. When they become frustrated by not being able to progress their plans their energy becomes blocked leading to feelings of anger and negative emotions. Unless the wood type can find a means of venting this frustration it can lead to headaches and emotional disorders. Physical activity such as sport or indeed a good row can help to unblock the energy channel. In such circumstances the wood element type will revert to their usual resourceful and humorous personality.