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Acupuncture Detox Program

You’ve heard about cleansing or detoxing, but what does it really mean?   A week of nothing but juice?   Or weeks of nothing but maple syrup, cayenne and lemon?   No way! Our Acupuncture Detox Program can help you get the results you want! What:  Our acupuncture detox program is a cleansing (detoxification) regime, based on whole foods and […]

Welcome the year of the Rat!  The rat is the first of all zodiac signs and is a sign that a new day is upon, a fresh start, a new beginning!  “According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The […]

“I AM AWAKENING” KEY LIME PIE Recipe from ‘Sweet Gratitude’ by Matthew Rogers and Tiziana Aplio Tamborra, from Cafe Gratitude. I worked at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley, CA for 5 years, one year as a baker and the other 4 years managing farmers markets, catering, wedding cakes and a line of products in grocery stores. I […]

Christina Martin from Tao to Wellness Delicata Squash recipe

Sweet and Spicy Delicata Squash I love Delicata Squash.  It’s so perfect and even better, it’s so easy.  The fact that I can cut through it, with just a tiny bit of muscle AND that you can eat the skin is a game changer!  I’ve wrestled with its sisters, the butternut squash, the acorn, the […]

Acupuncture at Tao to Wellness is gentle and relaxing

There are still skeptics out there! Even though, Cigna, Blue Cross, MDs, the Journal of the American Medical Association and the countless research studies all say Acupuncture works!  We still meet the naysayers… Here are the top 3 reasons, people stay away from us! “I’m afraid of NEEDLES!” People are traumatized as young children around […]

Tao to Wellness can help during these difficult times with wildfires

Dear Tao to Wellness community, As we continue to face the days ahead with smoke-filled air, here are some tips for keeping your lungs as safe as possible.   Tips for day to day:   Indoor First and foremost: stay indoors as much as possible. Keep windows closed and ideally have an air filter running, […]

Insomnie Tao to Wellness Berkeley California

What the heck is a Chinese circadian clock? Well, it’s a brilliant thing that was created by the Chinese thousands of years ago.  The Chinese believe that each of your main 12 organs (the ones with meridians) have a 2 hour time period each day where organs are on a strict schedule of self-care and […]