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Boost your fertility with food! -Tao to Wellness

It is true that women get better with age, there’s no denying that!  And at the same time we can also say that there are things we can do to help us age with grace, especially when we want to boost fertility!  The number one thing… what you eat!  Just like anything else, what you put into your body, a project or anything else dictates what you get out of it.


Not only do raspberries register as the lowest fruit on the glycemic index, they are also extremely beneficial for boosting fertility in men and women! They contain high levels of Vitamin C (key in sperm health) and Magnesium (key in production of testosterone). Raspberries also protect sperm from oxidative stress. For women, antioxidants can decrease the risk of miscarriage and is great source of folate which is important in embryo development.


Is this myth true? We don’t know. Will it hurt?  No.  The active enzyme in pineapple is bromelain, which is more concentrated in the core of the pineapple. Bromelain is said to decrease inflammation in the body. So to us, it does make sense. On some level that’s what acupuncture is doing anyway! The prescription is one whole pineapple cut into 5 portions consumed the day after timed intercourse, IUI or IVF transfer for the next 5 days.


The trusty avocado, good for so many things!  An avocado a day… doesn’t keep the doctor away, hopefully it ends up with a doctor’s appointment!  The scientists believe that monounsaturated fats, which are well known both to the heart, can increase fertility by decreasing inflammation in the body.  Again, isn’t that what acupuncture is doing? Other sources of monounsaturated fats are olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts and seeds. Stick to the avocado though, we think it’s more bang for your buck and helps promote regular ovulation and general fertility.


Chinese medicine categorizes herbs and nutrition by taste, temperature, property, meridians it enters and indication. Poultry has an interesting relationship with the uterus in that it tonifies this organ, thereby creating an upward energy. This is instrumental in implantation and your first trimester, since a downward motion of Qi in the uterus could indicate miscarriage. Chinese practitioners worldwide recommend eating poultry (turkey, chicken and duck) daily after ovulation and timed intercourse, but not before because they Chinese say, “You don’t want to close the gate”.


This is key in fertility and pregnancy since protein bring blood and essence to the body from a Chinese point of view, from a Western point of view they are the building blocks of life and play a huge role in brain development of the unborn fetus.  Proteins like fish, eggs and pork are wonderful for enhancing fertility, as is red meats like lamb and beef just less frequent because these can cause inflammation.  Don’t be concerned about the amount cholesterol in eggs, it is a myth that it is a direct correlation to high cholesterol,  and feel free to have some every day if you desire– with avocado is YUM!


Eat more complex (“slow”) carbs and limit highly processed (simple) ones. Your body digests bad carbs (like cookies, cakes, white bread and white rice) quickly, and turns them into blood sugar, which then creates an surge of insulin.  High insulin levels appear to inhibit ovulation.  Besides, those simple carbs also create inflammation, can reek havoc on the Thyroid (the 3rd ovary), mess with the digestion and cause disorder for all hormones, especially the Lutenizing Hormone.

Complex carbs are digested slowly and have a more gradual effect on blood sugar and insulin. Barely refined grains are superb sources of fertility-friendly B vitamins, vitamin E, and fiber. “Some of our favorites are buckwheat, which contains d-chiro-inositol, a compound that improves ovulation and amaranth, millet and quinoa.”

If you still aren’t sure what to do or how to eat, rule of thumb– whole foods, nothing processed, no fake stuff; like fake sugars or low-fat, non-fat products (they usually have fillers and crap in the them), keep it simple.

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