Dancing with the year of the Fire Rooster!


The year of the Fire Rooster kicked off on January 28th. During the first couple weeks of any new year, it’s a good time to renew relationships ties; gather with friends, family, and dear ones and feel the possibility of renewal and beginnings. Since we’re at the tail end of Winter, it’s also a good time to imagine possibilities for the year ahead. After last year’s tumultuous Fire Monkey year, many people felt relief when 2016 came to an end, but in the cycle of time there is no ending, only proceedings. The key to surviving and even thriving in a monkey year is always adaptability. For folks that remained flexible and imaginative in their approach to life, 2016 may have provided great insight on how to roll with the punches why still following their path. For those who do not enjoy change, or tend towards anxiety, the past year may have left you feeling frazzled.

Enter Fire Rooster: confidant, forthright, competitive, intelligent, and articulate.

Although we’re staying with the energy of fire, we will be seeing a shift from massive upheaval to intellectual battles. When thinking about the year, it can be helpful to think about the characteristics that people born within that year possess. People born in the year of the rooster are full of confidence, highly intelligent, and not afraid to speak their mind. Given a chance, roosters can be competitive and, similar to monkeys, they are vigilant to their surroundings. We will continue our collective awareness, but with an added movement towards calling out what we are seeing. Fire’s movement is upwards and rapidly changing. We can expect another year of fast-changing events with extreme highs and lows. Aspects of fire can bring destruction, as old, outdated ideas and structures are turned to ashes to replenish the soil for future growth.

Each year offers a different flavor of energy. Depending on our own character, we have varying degrees of compatibility with this energy. My teacher described the qi of the year available to us all as a sort of buffet; it could be your favorite dishes, an array that you can make do with, or simply not what your appetite desires.

So how can we work with this energy? Here are some of the items on the buffet:

SpeakShow up and speak your mind. It’s impossible to talk about the year without bringing up politics. Our collective awareness is at an apex and with the support of the fire rooster we will see mass movements to escape the limitations of poverty and class. If you’re able and willing to stand-up, now is the time.


Dive into Studies. From academics and learning to martial arts, discipline and studies are back on the menu. The year offers a return to focus that has been more fleeting for the past few years, as roosters are known for their precision in movement. If you haven’t already, figure out what you want to focus on for the year and stick with it.

Get Organized. Roosters are meticulous and tidy. If you’ve been neglecting that pile of papers or procrastinating purging what you don’t need, this is the year to get down to business. Set up the systems that you need to keep yourself organized for the long-haul.

Debate with Others. If you enjoy lively discussions, this is the year to challenge each other’s ways of thinking. Get out there and talk to others about what matters, but be aware of your focus coming from the greater good rather than your ego.

Don’t Take Things Personally. With people speaking up, you might find you’re at the other end of what seems like a verbal assault. Remember it’s not all about you, sometimes we all need to witness each other’s outrage and make space for it. Roosters don’t mean to hurt people, but their blunt and often critical lexicon can lead to hurt feelings unintentionally and unknowingly. If you’re more of a feeler than thinker, try naming your emotion if you feel like you’re under attack.  personally

Take Care of Your Nervous System. If the last year taxed your nervous system, take time to slow down. Since we’re smack in the middle of two consecutive fire years, it’s easy for people to feel overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. Regular meditation and acupuncture treatments are great ways to reset your nervous system. Work with your hands is another way to channel the fire energy.

Strut your stuff. Roosters love to show off their beauty. Take extra time to take care of yourself. While grooming can go far to make you look your best, real and lasting beauty is often a reflection of how we take care of our health. We all know the routine: eat healthy, get enough sleep, keep up with movement/exercise, drink water and tea; and skip the coffee, alcohol and processed sugar.

Compete. It’s good to channel competition into it’s appropriate arenas. Anyone that enjoys competition would do well to get involved with sports this year. Similarly, if you’re having a child this year, they will likely thrive in competition, so keep this in mind as they get older.

If what is on the buffet this year leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it’s time to take a step back. Pull your energy in and take care of yourself and loved ones. Know that in the cycle of time, things are always changing, and the recipes to your favorite dishes are never forgotten. And remember, we’re all in this together.








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Dancing with the year of the Fire Rooster

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