Join us for our Tao to Wellness Detox and Cleanse program! 

You’ve heard about cleansing or detoxing, but what does it really mean?  

A week of nothing but juice?  

Or weeks of nothing but maple syrup, cayenne and lemon?  

No way!


Our program is a cleansing (detoxification) regime, based on whole foods and healthy eating, we do omit some of the foods that could be a potential allergen which in turn may inhibit your body to detox properly, but with our program you are EATING and lots of it!  The program is complete with certain nutrient factors, along with a tested group of supplements to support and purge.   Without this supplementation, the body’s natural detoxifying ability will deteriorate when these nutrients are lacking at the cellular level. In addition, certain botanical extracts have been shown to strengthen the cells and maximize the processes involved in detoxification reactions. This detoxification program is designed to provide the nutritional compounds and botanical extracts that support the body’s ability to neutralize and expel toxins.  You will feel amazing, balanced and healthy!


For a wealth of reasons, but simply when the body is overburdened with toxins, the liver may be stressed causing symptoms such as allergies, headaches, nausea, irritability, foggy thinking, muscle tension, skin eruptions, itching and fatigue. In women, PMS, fibroid tumors, and endometriosis can also be signs of liver stress. Also, when toxins and free radicals weigh the body down, damage happens on a cellular level which is a gateway to disease and aging.


March 12- April 1st

In Chinese medicine spring is the time that is in charge of the liver and gallbladder which makes it a great time to do a cleanse.


Pick your supplements up at Tao to Wellness or we can have them shipped directly to you if you are out of town.  A $25 shipping fee applies.

Along with a complete list of foods to avoid during cleansing, your cleanse package includes the following:

  1. A Nutritional Shakean excellent source of very high-quality vitamins, minerals, and cofactors providing key cofactors necessary in the detoxification process.
  2. Liver Support:  an adjunct to help the Liver gently open and purge successfully. Herbs such as Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root are commonly used to protect and cleanse the liver.
  3. Antioxidant Support: a popular antioxidant, but a heavy hitter in the process of detoxification.
  4. Vitamin B12 Intrinsic Factor: all the Bs are helpful, but especially B12, which has been used to help hepatitis patients.
  5. A cookbook to make it easy: Full of cleanse friendly recipes and easy explanations of cooking with whole foods, Nourishing Meals written is by two popular bloggers and leaders in the functional medicine movement. The ultimate guide to eating healthfully as a family–a simple, practical cookbook that shows how easy it is to ditch processed foods one meal at a time with 365 delicious, whole food-based, allergen-free recipes that the entire family will love.
  6. Facebook live Q&A and 24/7 email with our practitioners. Have an opportunity to ask us questions and get support during your cleanse. We are also always available through email, and of course if you come in for Acupuncture


Get your friends and family involved!

The cleanse is available to people who are not patients of Tao to Wellness, and even people who are out of town. t’s always more fun to cleanse with friends and family and opens up potential for support, meal sharing, and cleanse friendly get togethers.

*This cleanse is not recommended for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, children under the age of 21 and the elderly.


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