Acupuncture is a self-regulating treatment that balances the body. As I said earlier, when an organ is out of balance, we experience symptoms. When we receive acupuncture, it sends a signal to that organ to rebalance it and then symptoms disappear. It’s quite remarkable actually and in some ways, simply a manipulation of directing one’s Qi and Blood. Another thing to mention is since it is self-regulating; the body knows what it needs. For example, let’s say I have four patients and I needle Large Intestine 4 (He Gu) on all of them. One patient may need that point for constipation; to move the intestines. Another patient may need it for sinus issues; LI4 is the command point for the face and ends in nostril area. The other patient may need it for emotional letting go of grief that is being stagnated in the Lungs; they are partners in crime and support each other. The last patient may need it for pain in the foot along the Liver channel. The body knows exactly what to do in all four cases by needling the same point. Incredible!

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