Flying When Pregnant

Flying When Pregnant

We get asked this question, A LOT!  Since we work with women trying to get pregnant and are at varying stages of the process– some are trying naturally and some are deep into assisted reproductive technology and have been trying for years!  No matter where you are at, most women are cautious especially at this early stage, naturally they do not want to do anything that may harm or cause a miscarriage.

Flying when you are pregnant. What’s the deal?

Many MD’s will give you the go ahead from the start of your pregnancy to your third trimester.  And many MD’s and airlines will frown upon third trimester flying (especially after 36 weeks) and we agree!  Who wants to be miles and miles away from home when you could possibly go into labor?  Instead of a far away vacation, how about a cozy cabin nearby or beach house for the weekend?

flying when pregnant

What we don’t agree with is first trimester flying…  most miscarriages happen during this time, not to mention morning sickness can come and go and who wants to be vomiting on a flight to Cuba because of turbulence?  It takes time for the pregnancy to solidify in the body, everything is just too vulnerable at this early stage and because we work with this particular patient population who’s been trying so hard via acupuncture, herbs, diet, exercise, supplements, we don’t want to see anything go wrong.  So, why not fly?  What does that have to do with miscarriage?  At altitudes that high, the atmosphere has more EMFs (Electro Magnetic Radiation) that can be harmful.  A great example– you may or may not recall or have knowledge of this, but when a woman is pregnant, X-Rays of any type are forbidden because of the amount of radiation. Research shows that flying from San Francisco to New York City is the equivalent to receiving 4 chest X-Rays.  So, makes sense to steer clear of any and all radiation as much as possible.  Most of our highly esteemed functional medicine doctors and other fertility specialist colleagues agree, please don’t fly in the first trimester!  We’ve also been blessed with input from some wonderful patients who happen to be pilots and flight attendants, they have told us that it is common knowledge that miscarriage rates are higher among this working population and when they have gotten pregnant, they have stopped working completely throughout the first trimester.

Your best bet?  Wait until your 2nd trimester, when the pregnancy is a lot more stable. When you do fly, be sure to stay highly hydrated on your flight and have a great time on your baby moon!

Safe travels!

Christina Martin

Tao to Wellness

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