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Ahhhh….Being in love…there is nothing quite like it.  The air feels electric, food taste better, every song you hear sounds like the best music ever, little things that bothered you before feel inconsequential, your boss couldn’t possibly penetrate your warm love bubble with demands or upsets, that person that cut you off on the road is simply expressing a lack of awareness and just didn’t realize you were there, finding out they just discontinued your favorite Burt’s Bee lip gloss isn’t a big deal, because your just going to kiss it right back off anyway….Yes indeed, being in love is a powerful antidote against even the greatest of irritants.

Why you ask?

A growing body of research believes that love can lengthen your life, ward off stress, boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, protect you from colds and flu, blunt your response to pain, hasten wound healing, and lower your risk of dementia in old age.  opens in a new windowRead more…

Love is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.  Great masters have told us for centuries that there are only two emotions. Love and Fear.  Anything else you feel is simply an extension of these.  Some suggest that fear, in its essence, it just an absence of love.

Love brings forth powerful wisdom.  When faced with a difficult person, conversation or situation, ask yourself, “What would Love do right now?” Listen carefully to the next thoughts in your mind and heart and you will be given a heartfelt way to face any situation!


Big Love,


Amanda Self  wears a variety of hats at Tao To Wellness. From Social Media to Medical Billing, she strives to bring healing light to all of her endeavors.  Amanda is a Reiki Master, a jeweler and is currently studying Herbalism, both in the classroom and out in the fields.


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