Period Panties?  Thinx – Christina Martin – Tao to Wellness

Since last summer, I’ve sat on the NYC subway looking at ads for Period Panties by Thinx.  They were funny, they were kinda gross, but they entertained me and excited me at the thought of feeling carefree in between my legs for those 5 awful days.

I’ve Googled, check out their website a few times, read some hilarious blogs and thanks to Facebook for watching my every move online, I’m now inundated with Thinx in my feed almost every day.  (Damn you, Facebook!)

I took the plunge and made the order a few weeks ago– setting me back a mere $38– I feel that’s a small price to pay for the promise of liberation.

And so my High Waist Period Panties arrived just in time for my September flow, they were ready to take on 2 tampons worth of blood. I was excited and for the first time since my very first menarche was anxiously awaiting my flow…

It came.  I pushed the limits.  I reached for them on the 2nd day of my period, the dreaded heavy flow day.  I threw them on– comfy!  Love the material!  Love the high waist even!  Ok- so far so good!  The stopwatch started at 8am.  I then had a subway ride, a 5 hour acupuncture shift, a 20 minute walk to Penn Station, a 1 hour and 20 minute ride on the Long Island Railroad, a $28 one hour massage in Bayport, a dinner at the Seacove in Center Moriches with 8 of my closest friends and some after dinner drinks in East Moriches and I believe I was in bed at 1am.  I realize this was a tall order since I tend to bleed very heavy–  so, how did it go?

I actually started to spot on my jeans just a tiny bit right before my massage– what a great moment to notice that!  As the therapist was massaging my gluts and such I was praying to whoever was listening–  but everything was fine.  It was a minor infarction.

While the panties didn’t last ALL day and into the night, I still liked them.  Since I’ve been an acupuncturist for 18 years, I’ve talked about flow with thousands of women, I know mine is heavier then most.  So I know I was really pushing the limit!  In a nutshell, believe it or not, I stayed dry– I don’t know how, but I did.  They are comfortable and throughout the day I really did forget that I had my period.  So, I think I might even get another pair or two– maybe not wear them as long on the heaviest day, but enjoy the liberation on the other days!

Last words—  they WORK!  Try them out!  And NO, I receive no compensation for this!  Thinx will even let you try them for 60 days, if you don’t love them you send them back.  (Send them back?  Ewww)  But WAIT!  Seriously email me for a code before you order–  you’ll get $10 off and so will I on my next order!

Yours in flow,

Christina Martin

Period Panties?  Thinx – Christina Martin – Tao to Wellness