Other Services Offered by Tao to Wellness

Here is a list of services that we offer at Tao to Wellness, some are additional while others may be used in conjunction with your acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture and Electrostimulation

acupuncturist in Berkeley with an acupuncture needle to help with fertility, IVF and chronic painFor a deeper explanation about the wonders of acupuncture, click here.

Electrostimulation is a treatment used as part of the acupuncture process when it is deemed necessary.  For example, in stubborn pain management issues, assistance with labor induction or post chemotherapy vomiting.Two inserted needles are connected by a wire that has a very light current running between them.  The current only goes as high as your comfort level, so there is no pain experienced at all.  Patients actually feel quite comfortable during the process and report that the current just feels like a light tapping. For more information, click here.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine at Berkeley AcupunctureChinese herbal medicine is the Yin to the Yang of acupuncture.  These two shine together and make up what is most important about our medicine.  Patients always become happy to know our pharmacy is exclusively comprised of powders or granules, no more old fashioned brewing of herbs each day, every day!  Powders give us the freedom to custom make every single formula (as opposed to already made capsules) while making it a much more user friendly for the patient to stay compliant. For more information about our herbal medicine, click here.


Cupping is a proceedure similar to acupuncture and is performed when necessary at our Berkeley acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinicCupping would be third in line in popularity of this medicine’s modalities.  Every few months it seems a celebrity or athlete is seen with those strange circular bruises on their back and we get a ton of calls.  The truth is cupping is amazing, it brings the blood to the surface, loosens stagnation in the meridian or channel and alleviates pain and toxins.  For more information about cupping, click here.


Moxibustion in Berkeley CaliforniaLess in popularity, but so important for a handful of patients is the ever illusive– moxibustion.  It’s basically that strange almost-marijuana like smell in acupuncture clinics around the world, but it isn’t marijuana at all.  It’s an herb called Ai Ye or Artemesia Vulgaris and we burn it.  We can use it alone on the skin to turn a baby out of breech or on a needle to warm the channel for pain or energy or even on a slice of ginger in the navel to help diarrhea or loose stools.  For more information, click here.

Lab Testing

Medical laboratory testing is performed at our Berkeley medical clinicOver the years and especially as we worked more with fertility, we found that we needed more information and sometimes it was more info then the doctors were willing to order.  Lucky for us, in the state of California we are considered primary healthcare providers and can order any lab testing we deem medically necessary.  Sometimes we order blood tests, sometimes it’s a saliva test for gluten antibodies or cortisol to diagnose adrenal fatigue or maybe a stool sample for parasites.  Your practitioner can speak with you about what might be most appropriate for you.  For more information, click here.


Life Coaching

Life coaching in Berkeley California can help improve your relationships, marriage, family relations and professional life.And finally, our latest service that does not take place in the Tao to Wellness office.  We now offer life coaching with Christina Martin, she’s been a certified co-active life coach for 5 years, but has really been coaching since she was only 15 years old.  She currently splits her time between Berkeley and New York City and has coaching clients worldwide.  For more information, click here.