Cupping Therapy in Berkeley, CA

Acupuncture therapist removing a fire cupping glass from the back of a young womanCupping is a form of Chinese medicine in which suction is applied to the skin, this in turn creates blood flow and promotes healing in the local area.

Cupping can be done with glass cups, using fire as a way of creating suction, or plastic cups where a hand pump creates the suction. It’s commonly administered on the back for stubborn musculoskeletal conditions or problematic respiratory issues.

Whether with glass or plastic, the skin is gently drawn upwards into the cup creating a vacuum thereby affecting the skin, muscle, meridian and blood and Qi flow locally.

Historically, cupping was first recorded in 1550 BC by the Egyptians, but probably dates as early as 3000 BC. Scientists have found evidence of cupping in China as far back as 1000 BC.

We offer cupping as a complementary adjunct to any acupuncture appointment, just let your practitioner know you are interested.