How to Stay Healthy This Fall

 The end of summer marks a few changes. For those on a school schedule, we/our kids, head back to the classroom. Our gorgeous summer climate starts to shift- it gets darker earlier and starts to feel cooler. Yummy summer fruits are no longer in season and we start to think that a warm soup sounds better than a cold salad. In Taoist cosmology, our body/mind/spirit is preparing for a seasonal shift- we are transitioning into the fall months. All seasonal transitions make us vulnerable to getting sick. Listed are some tips about how to stay healthy these upcoming fall and winter months.

What are the best ways to NOT get sick?

 Common sense practices: wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, don’t touch your face.

REST and adequate sleep (8+hours/night)

Ways to increase your immunity:

 Drink plenty of fluids to ensure that your lymphatic system drains freely and circulates smoothly.

Limit the intake of sweet foods and refined white sugar- these impair the body’s ability to kill bacteria.

Avoid over-exertion, both mental and physical, either can suppress the immune system. 

Dress appropriately- avoid becoming chilled OR overheated. Chinese Medicine believes that wind attacks from behind, specifically the back of your neck, and that this attack is how you get sick. Wear a scarf and bundle up to protect against the wind.

Take a multi-vitamin: vitamins A, C, D, E & ZINC are essential in promoting a healthy immune system.

Manage stress and make sure you are getting enough B vitamins- B vitamins help manufacture antibodies and white blood cells that make-up the immune response. In times of stress, B’s can be depleted, which compromises your immunity.

Listed are foods/spices that help to strengthen the body and fight infection: garlic, ginger, citrus fruits, green vegetables, red peppers/cayenne, chili powder, miso soup. Find ways to incorporate these into your diet.

 We know when we are most susceptible- when we are run-down and exhausted or if anyone close to you (home/work) is getting sick. Both of these instances are great times to get an opens in a new windowacupuncture treatment.   opens in a new windowChinese herbs can also be incredibly effective both with preventing and treating symptoms. The best medicine is preventative medicine! Applying some of these practices can help ensure that you stay healthy throughout the year.