Having fertility struggles? Two things you can do that are FREE!

Tao to Wellness has been specializing in Fertility for over 20 years! We’ve seen many women and couples come through these doors looking for help on their journey to parenthood!

It is NOT an easy journey for some, that’s the plain truth.

Being a woman myself, I can completely understand why it’s so upsetting… it’s like there’s this one thing that you should be able to do and for some reason it’s not happening. I know that I can’t perform brain surgery, I know how to do acupuncture, I studied, I practiced it’s like a 1 +1 = 2. And then there’s the subject of getting pregnant, it’s the one thing our bodies should naturally do and when it doesn’t, it’s frustrating, sad and maddening at times.

Aside from getting acupuncture, taking Chinese herbs, eating right and well, having timed intercourse there are two things that are so often overlooked.



As I said, the fertility journey is tough, like one of the toughest things a woman has to go through and every month there’s that hope, the disappointment, the tears, the WHY is this happening to me? It all takes a toll on the body, a negative toll. The best way (and the most impossible) is to just forget about it, do all the things you are doing, but loosen the reigns a little bit. I realize it’s contraindicated to say do all those things and relax but somewhere there is a happy balance. I can’t tell you how often a patient says “screw it” and went on that girls’ weekend and drank martinis the whole time and guess what? That was the month she got pregnant. It’s not to say all the things she was doing beforehand wasn’t working, they were! It’s just that her level of stress and doing things perfectly was standing in her way.



We are all so, so busy these days, truly! Make space to NEST, make room in your life to be pregnant, act as if you are already are. Bootcamp? Running? Yeah, not so great for nesting. Give them up for now, bootcamp will always be there, you can restart later. Right now, prepare your body! Think of the difference between Yin and Yang, you want to create more Yin, resting, quiet, sleep, meditation, just hang out basically, become a coach potato, get more sleep. These things will relax the body and create easy flow throughout, therefore becoming a vessel for pregnancy to occur. Some patients would ask me, “What if I gain weight?” (Oh boy…)

Good luck and let us know if you need anything, we are available 7 days a week in the Berkeley office and if you’re not in Berkeley, we do full, in depth consultations over Skype.