“Amazing. Life changing. Mind blowing.”
December 26, 2014

“This is a time when Yelp really needs to make available a 6th star shooting away from the end.  Tao To Wellness deserves it.

In a nutshell, Christina’s amazing work played the primary role in giving my mother back a more active life.  My mother had 3 separate back surgeries several years ago.  Before that and since then, she’s been in constant intense pain that had caused her to essentially be bedridden.  She was taking at least 5 Norco daily (10mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen)  She went from a very active life to someone who had difficulty walking, sitting, standing.  She could only walk for a few minutes at a time and was hunched over unable to stand up straight.  She would get frequent muscle spasms in her legs that would cripple her with pain.  She had sleeping difficulties and took Ambien every night.  All of this caused her severe depression and she became a shell of the woman she once was.

She lives in Texas and had no access to acupuncture.  Her doctors had basically given up helping her and diagnosed her with fibromyalgia.  Keep stuffing pain pills down your throat and wait to die.  That’s where they left her.  I got her out here to live with me so that she could try acupuncture and see new doctors.  I booked her an appointment at TTW for 2 days after her arrival.  She began to notice measurable relief in a short time.  A few weeks later, she was going out with me to run errands and do some Christmas shopping.  She hadn’t been able to go out like this in years.  Her mood picked up and she began feeling happier about life again.  A few months later, we went to the Alameda Antique Fair and spent over 5 (FIVE!!!) hours walking around.  This is a MASSIVE improvement!  She couldn’t walk for 5 minutes just 4 months earlier and here she was walking for 5 hours!

Amazing.  Life changing.  Mind blowing.  Christina’s work literally gave my mother back her life.  She has moved back to Texas to be with family but will be coming back to CA (hopefully) next Spring or early Summer and will continue her treatments.”