I am so GRATEFUL to have started working with Treasure!
December 8, 2016

I have received two treatments from Treasure and plan on seeing her regularly.  As one who has received acupuncture off and on for her entire adult life, decades, and a student who is nearly finished with school and licensing to practice Chinese medicine herself I am so GRATEFUL to have started healing work with Treasure.  She is skillful, intuitive, precise and deft in needle use–her work has gotten quick and great results.  I have some aging stuff, some chronic problems.  Both are markedly better or gone.  Some tricky, ongoing stuff has just disappeared!!  And the space is sweetly relaxing and inspiring.  She has a few tricks to add that touch of spa feel, too.  If you are looking for competence laced with kindness, this is your practitioner.  My thinking is… get in an’ get an appointment before she gets too busy!