“I truly don’t think it would have been possible…”
December 26, 2014

“I met Christina at a time of desperation. My husband and I had no trouble conceiving our first child, but trying for a second was turning out to be extremely difficult. After several miscarriages and visits to the fertility clinic I decided to try one last thing, acupuncture. I looked online and found Christina’s practice. Then I contacted her with some initial questions and could easily see that she had the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. I’m not fond of needles nor am I very aware of my body, but after several appointments and documenting my cycles, I could see changes beginning to happen. We managed to get pregnant again and this time Christina suggested looking into a blood condition that could be attributing to the problems we were having with previous pregnancies. She gave me the confidence to ask the right questions and to get my OB onboard with her suggested treatments. That pregnancy was successful and we feel very fortunate to have just celebrated our son’s 4th birthday. I truly don’t think it would have been possible without Christina’s help. It was a blessing to have found her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for gifted acupuncturist.”