“Nikole intuitively knew what I needed…”
December 31, 2014

“Her healing touch, intuitive connection and gentleness makes her a Super Healer. I received acupuncture treatments from Nikole before, during and after my pregnancy. Before pregnancy she was able to help ‘set the stage’  -for having miscarriages before, I was a little uneasy and wanted to do all that I could to help my body, mind and spirit ‘hold on’ to the pregnancy. I did! (Now Isaac is 3)  During the not-so-easy- pregnancy I would see Nicole weekly to stave off morning sickness and sluggishness (I felt immediate and drastic improvements in these areas). After delivery we tackled hormonal balance and depression, and healing.  What I loved about getting treated by Nikole is that intuitively she knew what I needed, and often times I didn’t even have to tell her what was going on and things would be working better after treatments. Her advice and wisdom on supplementation, essential oils, nutrition and other practices of wellness gave me things to focus on between treatments. She is truly a gifted professional and would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture.”