Testimonials from Tao to Wellness Patients


I saw immediate improvement after just my first treatment with Nikole!

-Jackie B. December 8, 2016

I came to Tao to Wellness because of prolonged headaches after a concussion. I had tried every other traditional medical treatment and was beginning to lose hope that my pain would go away. I met with Nikole who was always friendly, had a positive attitude, and she was genuinely concerned about my pain and overall wellbeing. She was obviously well-trained and well-practiced both in her knowledge and needle placement. I saw immediate improvement after just my first treatment. The addition of an herbal treatment helped even more. I've been headache free for over a month now thanks to the help of acupuncture and herbs at Tao to Wellness!

I highly recommend Nikole!

-Elizabeth K. December 8, 2016

I've been seeing Nikole for a year and a half for fertility treatments.  She is super warm, such a good listener, and I've found her treatments to be extremely helpful.  Acupuncture with Nikole lowered my stress level significantly which I think helped a ton in my ability to get pregnant.  I'm due next month and I've been going to her regularly during my pregnancy.  I've felt really good this pregnancy and I know the acupuncture has had a lot to do with this.  The treatments help with my back pain and sleep and just help to calm me down in general.  I highly recommend Nikole!

After getting treatment from Deanna… I was PAIN FREE!

-Mystic M. December 8, 2016

I came in with a ton of inflammation could barely sit or stand for more than 10 minutes without feeling that burning pain in my L4 and L5 that radiated into my tail bone. After getting treatment from Deanna I notice a significant change once I went home iced and went into the hot tub. I was , dare I say?... PAIN FREE. I didn't take medication that night yet alone the whole week (muscle relaxer and inflammation prescription) it was the first night in almost one year.

Deanna patiently listens and tackles every ailment attentively…

-Stephanie W. December 8, 2016

I have been seeing Deanna at Tao to Wellness for about 6 months. I came to acupuncture with a handful of ailments, one being battling depression. Not sure what acupuncture could do, but hopeful it would help some of my issues, it wasn't long before I could tell noticeable improvements physically and emotionally. Deanna patiently listens to all I throw at her, and tackles every ailment attentively... even the stubborn ones. I feel she helped my body get ready for pregnancy (though that wasn't part of the initial treatment) and now I am well into my first trimester. I am confident I am better equipped to embark on this pregnancy, and care for this growing baby. I would recommend Tao to Wellness for to anyone, for just about anything. I've had visits with some of the other team members, and everyone is very warm, supportive, attentive, and incredibly knowledgable.

Treasure shines in so many ways!

-Chris B. December 8, 2016

Treasure shines in so many ways:  she is an incredibly gifted as an acupuncturist, kind natured, smart, always communicates well with us, and I think it's safe to say that at this point everyone on staff at Sterling Art Services holds her with much affection.  And that's because underneath it all, she cares about people, and she wants people to be well.  Her name is the perfect descriptor for the dedication and authenticity she brings to her work, relationships, and living life.  We recommend her unequivocally!

I am so GRATEFUL to have started working with Treasure!

-Amy S. December 8, 2016

I have received two treatments from Treasure and plan on seeing her regularly.  As one who has received acupuncture off and on for her entire adult life, decades, and a student who is nearly finished with school and licensing to practice Chinese medicine herself I am so GRATEFUL to have started healing work with Treasure.  She is skillful, intuitive, precise and deft in needle use--her work has gotten quick and great results.  I have some aging stuff, some chronic problems.  Both are markedly better or gone.  Some tricky, ongoing stuff has just disappeared!!  And the space is sweetly relaxing and inspiring.  She has a few tricks to add that touch of spa feel, too.  If you are looking for competence laced with kindness, this is your practitioner.  My thinking is... get in an' get an appointment before she gets too busy!

Treasure has the touch!

-Kit A December 8, 2016

I can say I was skeptical about acupuncture. No more! Treasure has the touch. She asks the right questions, her acupuncture skills have alleviated muscle pains and strains. Couldn't recommend her more!

Deanna embodies the healing journey…

-Caroline Holmes November 19, 2016

Deanna is a passionate practitioner with a caring and gentle approach to needling when needed. She is highly attuned to the mind-body-spirit approach through her extensive training and continues to evolve her practice with continued training in pain management techniques and eastern philosophy. She embodies the healing journey and dedicates herself to helping others with theirs on both the physical and spiritual level.

Deanna clearly loves what she does!

-Darren Gibbs November 19, 2016

I've been seeing Deanna Tasi for stress reduction, seasonal "tune-ups", and allergy relief.  She is kind, knowledgeable, and has great needle technique.  She clearly loves what she does, which allows her practice to transcend technical medicine and creates opportunity for human connection and healing rapport. I always leave feeling more relaxed and sane than when I went in.  I can't recommend her more highly.

Highly recommended! Deanna Tasi is awesome!

-Diana Graue November 19, 2016

Deanna Tasi is awesome.  She is both knowledgeable and adept at distilling the information she has, making it easier to take responsibility for your own health.  She is a good listener, sensitive to my concerns, and very approachable.  She enters each session with a fresh perspective, encouragement, efficiency and consistency--all of which I really appreciate.  Highly recommend!

“Nikole intuitively knew what I needed…”

-Jessica Press December 31, 2014

"Her healing touch, intuitive connection and gentleness makes her a Super Healer. I received acupuncture treatments from Nikole before, during and after my pregnancy. Before pregnancy she was able to help 'set the stage'  -for having miscarriages before, I was a little uneasy and wanted to do all that I could to help my body, mind and spirit 'hold on' to the pregnancy. I did! (Now Isaac is 3)  During the not-so-easy- pregnancy I would see Nicole weekly to stave off morning sickness and sluggishness (I felt immediate and drastic improvements in these areas). After delivery we tackled hormonal balance and depression, and healing.  What I loved about getting treated by Nikole is that intuitively she knew what I needed, and often times I didn't even have to tell her what was going on and things would be working better after treatments. Her advice and wisdom on supplementation, essential oils, nutrition and other practices of wellness gave me things to focus on between treatments. She is truly a gifted professional and would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture."

“Amazing. Life changing. Mind blowing.”

-Betty Stutes and Anjanette Mazey December 26, 2014

"This is a time when Yelp really needs to make available a 6th star shooting away from the end.  Tao To Wellness deserves it.

In a nutshell, Christina's amazing work played the primary role in giving my mother back a more active life.  My mother had 3 separate back surgeries several years ago.  Before that and since then, she's been in constant intense pain that had caused her to essentially be bedridden.  She was taking at least 5 Norco daily (10mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen)  She went from a very active life to someone who had difficulty walking, sitting, standing.  She could only walk for a few minutes at a time and was hunched over unable to stand up straight.  She would get frequent muscle spasms in her legs that would cripple her with pain.  She had sleeping difficulties and took Ambien every night.  All of this caused her severe depression and she became a shell of the woman she once was.

She lives in Texas and had no access to acupuncture.  Her doctors had basically given up helping her and diagnosed her with fibromyalgia.  Keep stuffing pain pills down your throat and wait to die.  That's where they left her.  I got her out here to live with me so that she could try acupuncture and see new doctors.  I booked her an appointment at TTW for 2 days after her arrival.  She began to notice measurable relief in a short time.  A few weeks later, she was going out with me to run errands and do some Christmas shopping.  She hadn't been able to go out like this in years.  Her mood picked up and she began feeling happier about life again.  A few months later, we went to the Alameda Antique Fair and spent over 5 (FIVE!!!) hours walking around.  This is a MASSIVE improvement!  She couldn't walk for 5 minutes just 4 months earlier and here she was walking for 5 hours!

Amazing.  Life changing.  Mind blowing.  Christina's work literally gave my mother back her life.  She has moved back to Texas to be with family but will be coming back to CA (hopefully) next Spring or early Summer and will continue her treatments."

Nikole and Deanna are absolutely brilliant! I LOVE Tao to Wellness!

-Amanda Self December 26, 2014

"Nikole and Deanna are absolutely brilliant, always getting down to the root of what is really going on.  I always feel so heard, held and cared for during my sessions there. They never cease to amaze me with their wisdom, professional skill, and heart felt compassion for whatever it is I may be going through. The office is beautiful, atmosphere is lovely and the location is super convenient. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. You won't regret it!"

“They feel like true partners in care.”

-Jaclynn Davis December 26, 2014

"My experience with Christina and Megan at Tao to Wellness has been profoundly impactful.  I never imagined what a central role they would play in my physical and emotional well being.  They are highly knowledgeable, extremely competent, and so professional.  At the same time, they manage to be warm, playful, and personalized in a way that is so important to really meeting health needs.  They feel like true partners in care. I have seen them for a variety of issues over the years, and always with such gratitude for what they do and how they do it.  I can't rave about them enough!"

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“She has been the most effective and uses the fewest needles.”

-Alice Harkey December 26, 2014

"I adore Christina.  She is an amazing acupuncturist.  I always feel better after my visits with her.  She's gentle, kind, listens, is thoughtful and remembers.  She truly cares about her patients.  She has been excellent helping me manage my pain and work through different ailments, serious and minor.  I have gone to many acupuncturists and she has been the most effective and uses the fewest needles of all that I have been to.  I am forever grateful for her help.  Also, she makes the billing so easy for me which I appreciate."

“After the first visit with Nikole, my pain was cut in half!”

-Judi Daniels December 26, 2014

"I went to three acupuncture sessions with Nikole over a period of one month after experiencing pain from tendinitis in my elbow and forearm. After the first visit, my pain was cut in half. The second visit had a similar result. And since the third, a full year ago, I have not had to wear a brace when lifting weights or golfing, and I do not have any pain at all."

“Nikole is the best of the best!”

-Annie Loftus December 26, 2014

"I have received acupuncture (and cupping) from Nikole numerous times and consider her to be the best of the best.  Not only is she very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and it's benefits, but her calm demeanor, nurturing tableside manner and genuine friendliness sets her above the rest.  I highly recommend acupuncture from Nikole - even if you are doubtful, give it one treatment and I guarantee you will back for more. The feeling after a treatment is like nothing to be described. Ooohhh I think I will call to see if they have any openings right now...."

“I truly don’t think it would have been possible…”

-Meredith Linamen December 26, 2014

"I met Christina at a time of desperation. My husband and I had no trouble conceiving our first child, but trying for a second was turning out to be extremely difficult. After several miscarriages and visits to the fertility clinic I decided to try one last thing, acupuncture. I looked online and found Christina's practice. Then I contacted her with some initial questions and could easily see that she had the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. I'm not fond of needles nor am I very aware of my body, but after several appointments and documenting my cycles, I could see changes beginning to happen. We managed to get pregnant again and this time Christina suggested looking into a blood condition that could be attributing to the problems we were having with previous pregnancies. She gave me the confidence to ask the right questions and to get my OB onboard with her suggested treatments. That pregnancy was successful and we feel very fortunate to have just celebrated our son's 4th birthday. I truly don't think it would have been possible without Christina's help. It was a blessing to have found her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for gifted acupuncturist."