What’s on the magical Tao to Wellness headphones?

I wouldn’t have believed the hype, the website alone makes me cringe, you know those never ending websites with the HUGE “Try Us Now” button.  It just screams scam to me.

Guess what?  It’s not a scam.  In 2000 I shared an office with crystal healer, Clifton Harrison, he introduced me to these magical tracks and I’ve been throwing noise cancellation headphones on every patient since then.  Amazing!

The two tracks created by Centerpointe Institute are called Dive and Immersion, they are both 30 minutes each.  The Dive helps ‘catch’ your brain as Clifton calls it, and slows it down into a meditative state, Delta to be exact.  It then continues to take you deeper and deeper into The Matrix with Neo and Trinity, just kidding, just deeper into Delta states.

HolosyncImmersion follows and as the name implies brings you even deeper, however during an acupuncture treatment it actually brings you out of Delta and back to current space and time.  I don’t have a solid answer as to why this happens, but I believe it’s a combination of the two working together. Acupuncture works with the Qi or energy of the body.  It takes 23 minutes for the Qi to cycle through each organ, so it makes sense to me that in about 35 minutes or so the patient ‘returns’ since it takes most patients 10 minutes to drop into a quiet state initially.  Almost every patient loves these tracks!  And then every once in awhile, I would get a patient who felt irritated by them or a patient that couldn’t ‘drop down’.  Maybe they hated the Bells (Dive) or they preferred the Rain only (Immersion).  I came to find that these patients needed a little extra time in the initial stage, their brainwaves were moving much, much faster than others.  So, I threw the headphones on and then I came back in 5 minutes, quietly entered the room and hit rewind to the beginning of the track, and then I did it again in another 5 minutes.  It worked!  After my 2 rewinds, patients were able to relax and go deeper like everyone else.  Even more interesting is I usually only needed to do this for about 3 treatments, after that patients took to the Delta states much easier.

To give you an idea of what all this feels like for a patient, here’s some quotes:

  • I’m kind of here in the room, but not really here.
  • I felt like I was levitating.
  • It’s better than drugs! (my personal favorite)
  • I felt like I was in another universe.
  • That was an out of body experience.

Since then patients always ask about these magical tracks …  here is the link to purchase, disregard the horrible website. Also keep in mind, that this Dive and Immersion is part of a bigger series, they are designed to be listened to daily for 6 weeks then you are ready for the next level.  The benefits are magnanimous and worth the few hundred dollars.

-Christina Martin, L.Ac.

Tao to Wellness

Berkeley, California