Woods…more than just beauty…A powerful stress buster!

walking in the woodsStress, stress, stress…… We are surrounded by it. Most of us are so used to it that we no longer realize how stressed out and anxious we really are. Sadly it’s become a way of life. We been conditioned to think that we must always be in constant motion, always on the go, always looking for the next thing to do. We walk around with little computers in our pockets, looking at them constantly, all day long, to make sure we are up to speed to with what everyone is doing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, text, Instagram, you tube….the list goes on and on. How often do you look to these sources when you want to relax?

What is the answer to reducing all this stress?

One of best ways to wind down and reconnect after a stressful day is by taking a walk. Though any walking is good, walking in the woods or in nature has been proven to be even better at reducing stress and improving your health.

Research out of Japan shows that walking in the woods also may play a role in fighting cancer. Plants emit a chemical called phytoncides that protects them from rotting and insects. When people breathe it in, there is an increase in the level of “natural killer” cells, which are part of a person’s immune response to cancer.

When we walk in a forest or park, our levels of white blood cells increase and it also lowers our pulse rate, blood pressure and level of the stress hormone cortisol.

If you want to wind down, stay away from electronic screens as they activate the mind. Electronic devices stimulate brain activity and someone’s post on Facebook or a story on the evening news might cause more stress. Reading, yoga, deep breathing and of course acupuncture are all excellent ways to calm your mind and reduce your stress levels.

Life is too short to spend it stressed out. Laugh! Play! Love!

Much Love,


Amanda Self  wears a variety of hats at Tao To Wellness. From Social Media to Medical Billing, she brings healing energy to all that she touches. Amanda is a Reiki Master, a jeweler and is currently studying Herbalism, both in the classroom and out in the fields.


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